A Flight of Storks and Angels

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Those light bodies split into shards and enter into the physical bodies of babies who are born here on earth. In the celestial dimensions, Jesus and Mary have many children whose light bodies divide and enter into the humans here on earth. These two Female Angels are the only female angels spoken of in the Bible, and that is because they are the two mothers of the souls of the race of beings from that particular family who live on earth.

We truly do come from a celestial family, and we are all part of the same family of souls. In Egypt, the stork was associated with the ba , whose notion spanned from the divine to the manifestation of the divine, and from the supernatural or rather super-human manifestation of the dead to the notion of the soul psyche or reputation, counts among the most important Egyptian religious concepts.

The term and its hieroglyphic renderings are attested for all periods of ancient Egyptian history. In the process of time the word ba was written with various signs, including that of a stork, a ram, and a human-headed falcon. Its representation with the saddle-billed stork Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis — is both the earliest and the most attested depiction connected to the religious concept of the ba. Thus it serves as a crucial witness to the original meaning and main aspect of the ba.

There are many paintings, murals and engravings from that period of history that have the saddle-billed stork depicted on them. The saddle-billed stork is a tall and majestic bird that can grow to a height of cm, attaining a wingspan of up to cm. White and black dominate its striking colouration. Its wings are mainly black, tipped with white feathers. The head and neck are completely black and feature a large, pointed bill, which is mainly red with a black band. At the base of the lower mandible, where it meets the neck, the saddle-billed stork has the diagnostic small yellow wattle.

All of these characteristics together with its specific posture and long legs are usually present in its ancient Egyptian representations.

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The bird is, however, depicted with varying accuracy in different historical periods. These non-migratory birds prefer to breed in marshes and waterlands, where they feed on fish, frogs, small reptiles, or even small birds.

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Nowadays, the saddle-billed stork is a permanent resident in sub-Saharan Africa; there have been no attested observations of this bird in present-day Egypt. The saddle-billed stork was probably the largest flying bird of ancient Egypt. Its impressive size and stately appearance might have largely influenced its significance to the Egyptians.

These characteristics might also have played a key role in connecting this particular bird with the ba -concept. It seems logical that such an impressive bird should represent an earthly manifestation of divine powers. Most breeds of storks are big birds. White storks measure 1 metre to 1.

They weigh between 2 and 4 kilos — potentially large enough to at least imagine carrying an infant. In Western culture, pictures of a stork carrying a baby in a sling dangling from its bill have become commonplace. It is interesting to note that the ancient Egyptians believed that the soul had five different parts, and that the ba aspect of the soul represented the personality.

The Egyptians believed that this aspect went on to live in the afterlife, enjoying all the same material benefits as the ones that we have while we are still alive here. They believed that the ba WAS the individual, and when the body dropped, the ba continued on in what Stuart Wilde calls the Mirror Worlds, eating, drinking, making love and being merry.

In many cultures, storks represent fertility, springtime and good luck. Although the saddle-billed stork is not a migratory stork, there are other storks who do migrate. White storks from Europe do migrate back and forth each year. They routinely flew south in autumn and returned to Europe nine months later to nest in March and April.

Flight of the Storks

Much joy is had during the time of the summer solstice by people who take part in this ritual. Many babies are conceived around June So as the storks began to fly north back to Europe, the babies who had been conceived the previous year were being born. They failed to connect the biblical reference to the Storks though, although at some deep level they would have known.

Storks are also represented in Chinese, Israeli, and various European cultures mythologies.

However, the association of storks bringing couples a newborn baby is believed to have started in Germany. Danish Hans Christian Andersen wrote about these birds in a short story that he titled The Storks in In Scandinavia parents needed a convenient explanation for how babies arrived. So they repeated the story of a stork delivering new bundles of joy down the chimney chute.

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Later, Hans wove this into his book called the Stork. Here he wrote about how the storks who flew over a village were teased and bullied by a young boy. In this particular story, the storks would pluck babies from a pond where they lay dreaming. Then they could deliver them to the families of good children. Telling stories such as this became a way for parents to answer awkward questions from their children.

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Funnily enough, Santa likes to arrive down the chimney chute too!! Stories about storks appear in many different ancient cultures across the globe. Storks in Greece were associated with stealing babies. This was because Goddess Hera turned her rival into a stork, and the stork-woman attempted to steal her son. The stork animal totem carries new ideas and inspires you to take on new ventures. Although the stork is massive and can be physically intimidating, its spiritual values are much more uplifting and positive. That is no easy task, as their nests are some of the largest in the avian community.

In addition to birth, motherhood and protection, the stork also represents fidelity, provision, endurance, and creativity. How did the story of the stork spirit guide delivering infants originate? There are several stories that offer a suggestion. First, the stork is a migratory bird that returns to its home when spring begins to blossom. It is the season of renewal and rebirth in nature, not only just for animals but for all life forms. Because of this, ancient people associated it and its large beak as the bringer of this new life. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

Another symbolism of the stork spiritual totem as a baby deliverer comes from its inclination toward water. On its own, water is highly symbolic of feminine energy , purity, and flowing, all of which are also associated with birth. Wombs symbolize birth and renewal after birth and were considered a substantial illustration of birth and its omnipresence in our world. The similarities make sense. The stork symbol also played a large role in Roman mythology.

As a sacred symbol to Juno , the goddess of the hearth and home, the stork emulated her fierceness in protecting what matters most to her. Hera , her Greek counterpart, was also depicted with storks frequently. Known for her ferocity in the protection of the home, Hera is still considered by many to be the reason fires in the hearth continue to burn.

In these mythologies, the stork animal guide symbolizes more of the protective side of maternal instincts as opposed to physical birth and the womb. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!