Advanced Router Architectures

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In this chapter, we proceed to learn the architectures of advanced switches and routers.

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Recall that Chapter 2 presented an overview of switching and routing devices. This chapter presents in greater detail how the components of such devices are integrated with each other.

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We especially analyze several core switching segments of these devices and introduce several topologies. This chapter explores the following topics:. Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Networks-on-Chip NoCs with long range wireless links have been proven to address the issues associated wired interconnects in long range communication on chip.

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The delay and energy per bit consumption with wireless interfaces WIs is less than one-tenths of that with their wired counterparts. But these values are obtained by assuming an ideal free space communications between WIs which is not the case.

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  7. The wireless communication on-chip is effected by different interference structures like substrate, metal interconnects, etc. To analyze these effects, we model the on-chip environment using different models and simulate the electromagnetic propagation between two antennas.

    Advanced Router Architectures by Axel K Kloth

    The focus is to find the adverse effects on on-chip propagation and then come up with solutions to decrease the propagation delay, increase signal strength, reliability and improve the performance of the on-chip wireless interconnects. The shared caches on the chip must follow certain coherence protocols. It might happen when cores are computing the threads of a process it reads the current data from the memory and not the updated value which has been computed by a different core i.

    Advanced Router Architectures

    Cache coherence protocols helps in achieving high performance through thread level parallelism on multicore systems. The focus will be on designing compact and efficient protocol that can achieve ultra low latency with low power consumption and hardware requirements.

    Network Routing Architecture Transformations

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