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The Indie Bestseller Lists put the diversity of America's independent bookstores on display. Trade Paperback Nonfiction. Hardcover Fiction. Hardcover Nonfiction. Mass Market. Young Adult.


Children's Illustrated. Children's Fiction Series. Extended Paperback Fiction. Extended Paperback Nonfiction. Extended Hardcover Fiction. Extended Hardcover Nonfiction.

Extended Mass Market. About ABA The American Booksellers Association, a national not-for-profit trade organization, works with booksellers and industry partners to ensure the success and profitability of independently owned book retailers, and to assist in expanding the community of the book. Now our head office is located in the Kiev.

Head Office in Ukraine has competitive advantages for global business: high-quality labor market, low costs of doing business, comfortable geographical location. In addition, Ukraine has a large enough domestic consumption market and production facilities of both raw materials and finished products that are exported to foreign markets. Moscow representative office has started operations since Business development in Russia is our priority, as this is one of the largest markets in the world. Now Russia implemented the following products and services:. In , we opened an office in Almaty - Kazakhstan's commercial capital.

Capacious and paying market, with a low proportion of the production of end products, a large share of commodity exports, the early stage of the development of innovative products in the field of distribution and marketing. The country is bordered by China, is a member of the Customs Union with Russia and an active participant in the international financial market - just a few of the reasons why we started our activities in Kazakhstan.

Now we implement there the following products and services:. Nowadays we realize the following products and services in the EU:.

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In we founded a company in the United States. The main goal of such cooperation is to improve the group's financial performance thanks to synergies that happens due to access to cheaper financing and innovative technologies in the US and lower labor and raw material costs in the CIS countries. We build the businesses so that they focus mainly on those functions and resources that are directly related to realization of business products.

Managers and employees of businesses are partners with an entrepreneurial approach to business. Their financial income depends only on the financial productivity of the business. High-quality logistics is built in every of our offices, also it is for all of our businesses and our partners, including:.

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In this connection, we permanently attract funding for a variety of different businesses. All companies in all countries are served by its own staff of accountants who provide professional-quality document management, reporting delivery and taxation.

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Serving several businesses, we remove the financial burden from each business individually. Reliable lawyers provide with legal security for business in the courts, when dealing with government agencies, provide with advices on legal issues, are involved in registration activity.

The businesses are provided with office space, in order to resolved all the issues and problems not noticeable to the employees of businesses, so that they can concentrate on their core business.

Or these products are innovative software and Internet-solutions that improve the effectiveness of existing marketing and promotional products. This business - unit works since Basic services merchandising, promotions, research.

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A number of completed projects can be viewed on the website. Shop-in-Box - is a cloud trade-marketing service, that combines the exchange of freelancing, business process automation and optimization of costs. Given a target to accelerate the growth of the business, we are looking for a "smart" investment and invite a venture capital investors to communicate. GoodBuyStock — service of wholesale sales of surplus goods - it combines the following tools for the products promotion: one day deal, e-mail marketing and a Dutch auction.

This project is definitely demanded by our customers, the business model is ready, there is a prototype. At the moment we are looking for a project leader who will be able to create a team and to bring the project to a serious level.