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Although these five steps can help assist in simplifying the decision-making process, there are some common drawbacks that you must also take into account. Many times the problem will be obvious; but there may come a time when identifying the main problem is not that easy.

When this issue arises, figuring out exactly what it is, and where you need to focus your efforts will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. When considering the consequences, you must be open to a broad choice of alternatives in order to find the best solution.

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This can become a problem if you rely solely on a single source of information because that one source may not b reliable, or may not be completely inline with the problem; thus altering your chances of making the best decision. Having a variety of sources is usually not a bad thing; but not in every situation. Collecting as much information as possible can be very helpful at arriving to a decision, but an overload of information can leave you confused and misguided, and prevents you from following your intuition.

Remember, trusting your gut instincts is a major key to making good decisions.

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When making a decision and putting your plan into action you should have taken care to weigh all your valid options. Making a decision based upon an outcome that may not be plausible will not help you solve the problem. Time can be a futile friend. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is not.

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When making major decisions, it beneficial to take your time in order to make the best choice from your options. But understanding the timing process is crucial because sometimes it is best to delay a decision, and other times delaying a response can cause more problems. There are also times when making a quick decision is advantageous because it allows you more time to make necessary changes should problems arise.

In summary we all have to make many decisions throughout our daily lives. Some of these decisions require little effort, while others require more time and deeper thought before coming to a final solution.

Remember, there are five basic steps to good decision making. Why is those five the ideal number? Because a significant part of decision making skills is understanding and knowing a simple technique; and also regularly practicing that technique. When there are more steps than we can count on one hand, most people tend to either forget a step, or misconstrue the order in which the steps must be taken. If you follow these five steps, and also remember the common pitfalls previously addressed, you will be well on your way to making good decisions for yourself.

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    Decision Making: the act of making a choice between two or more courses of action!

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    Each decision is a choice between two or more alternatives. For me, one of the scenarios was very straight forward and easy to make a decision upon: it was to go for a trip around the world with everything paid rather than going to university, because this, for me, is a once in a life time opportunity. Obviously, this was according to my value because others in the class had different values and preferred to go to university.

    One scenario created a very heated conversation between us classmates, and made me realise that some people put passion and love before education unlike me, who value education more. We all have our own sets of values and each decision we make is right in our eyes.

    Embodied Choice: How Action Influences Perceptual Decision Making

    We were given the option to think individually of a decision we have had or would have to make, list all possible alternatives, the positive and negative consequences of each alternative and identify the values that were relevant to us when making the decision. My choice was whether or not to study for a test I had the next day, considering my values: education, success, pride and making people around me proud of me; my decision was pretty clear and obvious to study for the test.

    We should not make the mistake to think that events in our life are the product of random circumstance. In reality, they are the result of our own decisions.