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This Handbook of Brain and Behaviour in Human Development presents up-to-date knowledge on motor development, development of perceptual systems and cognitive development, and development of emotions and communication in relation to the development of the central nervous system.

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It covers the age range from prenatal stages of development to the onset of adolescence. Recent research and insights with respect to the above-mentioned domains are reviewed and future research directions and perspectives are discussed. The book consists of 5 sections, each edited by separate editors, and each containing a series of chapters written by renowned and influential experts.

The first section introduces brain and behavioural research in human development from four different points of view. After a discussion of some basic issues in the study of brain-behaviour development, conceptual problems involved in studying behavioural development in relation to early environment, and neuropsychological problems inherent in research into early development and the role of developmental genetics are discussed. The section on structural development contains a short introductory overview of recent trends in research and gaps in our knowledge.

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The section on motor development contains contributions from investigators of fetal and postnatal motor development in the human as well as contributions on research in experimental animals which have contributed significantly to our knowledge of the development of motor behaviour in the human.

An important issue is the possibilities and limitations of extrapolating animal data to human development. The section on perceptual and cognitive development discusses the development of cognitive functions in relation to perceptual systems and to the development of the brain.

Transmission cost allocation by using MW-Mile approaches in a restructured Indian power system Abstract: Transmission access pricing is a key issue of restructuring and deregulation. Transmission pricing must be non-discriminatory, transparent, economically efficient, and allow full recovery of costs.

In the case of electricity transmission system, economic efficiency implies promoting an optimal utilization of existing network, efficient siting of new generations and loads and promoting transmission investments.

These characteristics require that the transmission circuits that pertain to each transaction must be identified and their costs properly allocated among users. Therefore cost allocation is a major issue in transmission access pricing and has given rise to a lot of methodologies.


This paper presents an overview of MW-Mile method of transmission cost allocation. Under MW-Mile method there are a number of variants i. In India, with the enactment of Electricity Act, lay down the guide lines towards the transmission tariff sensitive to distance, direction and quantum of power flow. Article :.