Handbook of Space Law

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This course will also cover the most important criminal air law treaties. This course will furthermore cover selected areas of private international air law including air carrier liability under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, respectively the Rome Convention alternatively tort law.

Handbook of Space Law

Grade will be based on a final exam. This course is available to online LLM students. Citius, Altius, Fortius — Regulating commercial spaceflight under air law or space law? Walulik , Blount , Billion-dollar questions?


Lepard , Loukakis , Lele , Milligan , Liability for Damage Caused by Small Satellites - a non-issue? Legal aspects of using space-derived geospatial information for emergency response, with particular reference to the Charter on Space and Major Disasters. Law and Practice One Billion Dollar Questions? Citius, Altius, Fortius - Regulating commercial spaceflight under air law or space law?

Adelaide, September Avoiding the fate of the dinosaurs with the help of lawyers? How the law is key to making space tourism happen TEDxVienna, Sarasota, Space jam?

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Of course, the price of the volume is likely to restrict sales to institutional purchasers but if you need a handbook of space law fit for the early 21st century, this has to be the one. Handbook of Space Law. Mark Williamson.

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