Joseph Morris and the Saga of the Morrisites

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Sunday, October 14, Morrisite War. How many were killed in the Morrisite War? The Utah Historical Quarterly Spring volume 44 number 2 issue says:. Scarcely had they assembled than a cannon ball came bounding into the congregation, killing two women, one an elderly lady, the other with a nursing babe in her arms. A young lady, sixteen years of age, was struck by the same shot carrying away her chin. The shot was accompanied by the yells of the posse, in imitation of Indians. The meeting was brought to a sudden close, and all were counseled to go to their respective homes.

For Christ Will Come Tomorrow: The Saga of the Morrisites | C. Leroy Anderson | First edition

What happened to Joseph Morris? Burton: "Every shot I fired was aimed at Mr. Burton was tried and acquitted for the murder of one of the women. From Whitney History of Utah. Where is Anna Sidler Baer buried?

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This is unknown. Some Morrisites returned the fire, killing year-old Jared Smith of the posse, the only non-Morrisite casualty of the war. Heavy rains prevented much action the next day, June Historians differ as to what initiated the events of June 15, [ 1 ] [ 4 ] but at some point Burton rode into the fort with a small contingent. Details of what followed are also unclear, but Morris may have made a statement to his followers and approached Burton in what was interpreted as a threatening manner. Morris's counselor John Banks was mortally wounded.

Burton took ninety men prisoner and marched them back to Salt Lake City the next morning to stand trial before Judge Kinney.

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Seven of the Morrisites were convicted of second-degree murder in March , and another 66 were convicted of resistance. However, Stephen S. Harding, the new federally-appointed territorial governor, pardoned them all [ 2 ] three days after the conviction.

Mormon Stories #1126: Spencer Nugent: A Jamaican Mormon Story Pt. 3

Seven years later, Robert T. Burton was tried and acquitted for the murder of Isabella Bowman, one of the women killed after the siege. The text of the monument follows:. The Kington Fort-Morrisite War Site This monument was placed here to commemorate a three day, little known battle that occurred 13, 14, and 15 June The Kington Kingston Fort a foot by foot enclosure was built on this site in to protect the early settlers from possible Indian attacks. Since there were no Indian problems in South Weber, the fort was deserted in In early the fort was taken over by Joseph Morris, an excommunicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, who had founded a church commonly known as the Morrisites.

At one time the Morrisite fort population exceeded men, women and children.

They were captured by a Morrisite posse and forcefully returned to the fort. Responding to a report by observers of this action, the sheriff and a small posse approached the fort with the intention of taking the men for a formal hearing on the charges of which they were accused. The request was denied and further attempts were blocked.

Church of the Firstborn (Morrisite)

As a result, acting governor Frank Fuller ordered a militia under the command of Robert T. Burton to proceed to the fort. Even this large, Heavily armed group failed to free the imprisoned men. A cannon ball fired into the fort killed two women and seriously wounded a teenage girl. After the death of their leaders, the Morrisites scattered, with most going to Soda Springs, Idaho.

Joseph Morris and the Saga of the Morrisites (Revisited)

Stephens SUP Wikimedia Foundation. Robert T. James Brighouse — was a late nineteenth century American leader of a splinter sect in the Latter Day Saint movement called the Order of Enoch.

Mormonism and violence — Mormonism, throughout much of its history, has had a relationship with violence. It took place in and and was under the direction of President of the Church Brigham Young. We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this.

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Morrisite War. Burton Strength - Morrisite followers 1, members of the territorial militia Casualties and losses Eight Morrisites including at least four women One militia member The Morrisite War was a skirmish between a Latter Day Saint sect known as the " Morrisites " and the Utah territorial government. LeRoy Anderson Morrisite Collection. Accessed 9 May