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The ladies asked lots of questions and informed us that this workshop has helped them feel more confident in going for the interview and applying for jobs. Before this workshop many of the ladies did not know what to say or do when preparing or going for the interview, so we hope that the things the ladies learned will be beneficial to them in obtaining a job.

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The ladies really enjoyed the yoga session and requested for us to do this again as they felt more relaxed when doing yoga. A couple of weeks prior, the women had mentioned their curiosity regarding sushi, which was something that they had never tasted and considered to be very exotic. We had hoped to make sushi with them, but the process would have been both expensive and complex. We took a couple of platters to Sisters as a surprise, and the ladies were overjoyed.

They had a lot of fun learning how to use chopsticks to dip the rice into the soya sauce, and were a bit overwhelmed by the taste of wasabi!

The following week we also did the job interview workshop as previously done at St. Although there was unfortunately only one lady there the others had been called to do work experience at the last minute , it was very useful for her. She had an interview the following day, and felt much more confident following the workshop, and was actually looking forward to the real thing.

In the last week of the month we were unable to attend Sisters, as the ladies were busy preparing for the charity clothing sale on Friday, 28th March. Interns attended the charity clothing sale on Friday morning in order to purchase a few items to support the event. February has been an extremely challenging and busy month for the Criminal Law and Child Justice Department.


It was at court when we were informed that our client requested that he be released on bail, to which the investigating officer and social worker disagreed. The State prosecutor therefore, opposed the release of our client on bail, resulting in Sherwin making an application on behalf of the client for a formal bail application hearing. Our client is one of five accused persons charged with murder, and is 15 years old.

On 12 February , our case was called in court. The State prosecutor requested a postponement as there seemed to be a conflict of interest in respect of the four co-accused persons appearing with our client, and their respective attorney. The Magistrate overruled the objection and the matter was consequently remanded to 20 February On 20 February , two different attorney were appointed for representation of the co-accused persons appearing with our client, in order to rectify the conflict of interest discussed above. The matter was remanded to 10 March to afford the legal representatives of the co-accused persons an opportunity to prepare for the formal bail application.

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This client was previously represented by the Legal Aid Board. However, our office was instructed to take over the mandate and subsequently went to court for legal representation of the accused person. Whilst at court, it was brought to our attention that numerous legal remedies and strategies were currently in progress in order to ensure that the accused received the best possible outcome in this case. It was explained that a plea bargain in terms of section of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of was underway, and that should the State and Magistrate agree with such plea bargain, the accused would receive a sentence of 3 years imprisonment for the crime of rape of 5 minor children.

Our client is currently 15 years old and admits guilt to the charge of sexual assault.

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Sherwin therefore decided to not proceed as attorney for the young offender, and to allow the current legal representative to continue with her approach. On 10 February , Sherwin together with Tina Domm and Jacomaijn attended Wynberg Regional Court in order to represent our client, who is charged with murder. This matter involves the murder of a gang member, and our client allegedly identified by an eyewitness as being at the scene of the crime as well as belonging to a rival gang who is alleged to have committed the offence of murder. The particulars contain, inter alia, medical reports; witness statements; post mortem reports; official police documentation of arrests made; etc.

Our office is therefore in a position to prepare for trial. The court case was postponed to 25 February in order for all the accused persons to be brought to court, as on the previous occasion, our client was not present. Sherwin also held a moot court on this matter on 21 February , wherein two interns argued their case against each other, one being for defence and one for the prosecution. After arguments were completed, the remaining interns in the office had to cast their vote with reason as to which party in the criminal moot was more convincing.

The defence attorney won the moot. On 11 February , Sherwin and Pro volunteer Sarra attended Athlone Magistrate Court for the legal representation of our client on a charge of murder. We were informed by the court that the investigation of the police was now complete, and that the matter is ready for trial.

Murder is a charge that can only be adjudicated by a Regional Magistrate or Judge. The matter was therefore postponed to 17 March for transfer to Wynberg Regional Court. Whilst in court, the Social Worker informed Sherwin that she would complete a pre-trial report in this matter, and recommend that the minor accused be diverted. In most cases the accused will be sentenced to community service. This process also ensures that the young offender does not receive a criminal record. We now await the pre-trial report which is due on 20 March , being the remand date. These consultations assisted our office in gaining further insight in relation to our criminal cases, and in preparation for court.

Download Printable Version. About Us Projects Abroad Apply to join as a volunteer. Contact us if you need help. Prospective volunteers to contact: info projects-abroad. Vredelus house We did the same workshop as at Bonnytoun with the different countries. We printed large sheets of paper with trees on it and the women had to either write or draw on their tree various things: The ROOTS represent the family and community you come from and other people or things that influenced you when you were young both good influences and bad influences.

I resolved to change completely and to remember that every day of my life. MC: When visiting war-torn areas, how frustrating is it to see what is going on and how linie you can do sometimes? We are going to have to rethink the way we approach each other and the way we work together. I spent a lot of tinne with nny Spanish friends, who used to hug nne when we said goodbye.

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At first I was surprised, because we don't usually hug in Japan, but it nnade nne feel warnn, kind and happy. I liked their hugs. I now give out hugs in Japan, because I believe it can give happiness. It's a lleeting and personal nouivtil. Paul believes the seeret is to embraee the everyday things, instead of looking towards big end-goals that we think will make us happy.

But what has begun to shift is the value we plaee on material things, like big houses and fast ears, whieh seem less important in our quest for eontentment. But when I can, I escape to the sea, km away. Being by the water makes me happy. I've been to some murky, mysterious seas, surrounded by mangroves; I've spent whole days by myself in complete silence looking at the sea. He also taught me to be patient and to always be myself.

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Unfortunately, when I was just nine, he died after a serious epileptic seizure. As I grew up, I felt the need to get to know my father. I wanted to know what he used to like, what he used to do, how he felt. I couldn't stop. I don't yet know how to put my passion into practice. If I got it, I was happy.

Then, suddenly, I started questioning everything around me. There was a void and I had no desires, so I had to start learning who I was. I realised the ultimate happiness was to cherish what I have here and now - my family, my piano and the tfttle jobs that keep me busy.

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The myth of King Aegeus, the father of Theseus - who awaited his son's return following his fight with the Minotaur in Crete - is deeply sad and desperate, and it left its mark on me when I heard it as a child. Thinking about how people could have built the beautiful temple in BC makes me shiver with excitement. The breeze mixes the ancient times with the present; giving me the strength to continue whatever journey I'm on.

When I was fighting for the finals I had stopped my opponent twice, giving her two standing eight counts. I ended up getting the highest score at the whole tournament and winning the gold medal. I felt like my passion for boxing was finally being acknowledged, especially when I received recognition from United States senator John Ensign. This moment of happiness has to be one of my greatest accomplishments. I would spend hours discovering dusty, yellowed books in the study of the chemist who lived there during the second world war.

When I entered that tiny room the first time, the light danced with dust specks, and the smell was both repellent and fascinating. It was full of powders and potions, and I wandered through dreaming of wizards, witches and fairies.