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Beukers, Mathematical Reviews, h The book documents the history of pi from the dawn of mathematical time to the present. The articles on pi collected herein include selections from the mathematical and computational literature over four millennia, a variety of historical studies on the cultural significance of the number, and an assortment of anecdotal, fanciful, and simply amusing pieces. Zentralblatt fur Didaktik der Mathematik, November, This is the third edition of a comprehensive selection of about 70 articles on the number pi and related constants.

This edition contains a new supplement on the recent history of the computation of digits of pi Furthermore, new translations of articles by Viete and Huygens have been added. Altogether, this volume provides a fascinating overview of many hundred years of research and will delight and enlighten amateur lovers of pi and professional mathematicians alike. Baxa, Monatshefte fur Mathematik, Vol. There is something for all levels of readers in this book, from the year old who may wish to know a little of the history, to the professional mathematician seeking information Anthony C.

Robin, The Mathematical Gazette, Vol. Betrokkenen Auteur J. Borwein Co-auteur Jonathan M. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Hardcover. Verkoop door bol.

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In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Gratis verzending 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol. Anderen bekeken ook. Petr Beckmann A History of Pi 18, David H. Bailey Pi 92, Jonathan M.

Borwein Pi and the AGM , Springer Basel Mathematics of the 19th Century 85, Andrei N. Kolmogorov Mathematics of the 19th Century , Clemens Buchinger The Poetry of Pi.

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Christoph J. Scriba Years of Geometry , Bekijk de hele lijst. Vaak samen gekocht. Christian Nagel Professional C 4. Bailey and Borwein hold that these two papers constitute the beginning of the modern era of computational mathematics. This book may be of interest to a wide range of mathematical readers; some articles cover more advanced research questions suitable for active researchers in the field, but several are highly accessible to undergraduate mathematics students. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Pi: A Source Book J.

The aim of this book is to provide a complete history of pi from the dawn of mathematical time to the present. The story of pi reflects the most seminal, the most serious and sometimes the silliest aspects of mathematics, and a suprising amount of the most important mathematics and mathematicians have contributed to its unfolding. Pi is one of the few concepts in mathematics whose mention evokes a response of recognition and interest in those not concerned professionally with the subject. Yet, despite this, no source book on pi has been published.

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One of the beauties of the literature on pi is that it allows for the inclusion of very modern, yet still accessible, mathematics. Mathematicians and historians of mathematics will find this book indespensable. Teachers at every level from the seventh grade onward will find here ample resources for anything from special topic courses to individual talks and special student projects. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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See more. Bela Bajnok. Additive Combinatorics: A Menu of Research Problems is the first book of its kind to provide readers with an opportunity to actively explore the relatively new field of additive combinatorics. The author has written the book specifically for students of any background and proficiency level, from beginners to advanced researchers.


It features an extensive menu of research projects that are challenging and engaging at many different levels. The questions are new and unsolved, incrementally attainable, and designed to be approachable with various methods. Features: The first book of its kind to explore the subject Students of any level can use the book as the basis for research projects The text moves gradually through five distinct parts, which is suitable both for beginners without prerequisites and for more advanced students Includes extensive proofs of propositions and theorems Each of the introductory chapters contains numerous exercises to help readers.

Sieve Methods. Heine Halberstam. Derived from the techniques of analytic number theory, sieve theory employs methods from mathematical analysis to solve number-theoretical problems. This text by a noted pair of experts is regarded as the definitive work on the subject. It formulates the general sieve problem, explores the theoretical background, and illustrates significant applications. The authors supply the theoretical background for the method of Jurkat-Richert and illustrate it by means of significant applications, concentrating on the "small" sieves of Brun and Selberg. Additional topics include the linear sieve, a weighted sieve, and Chen's theorem.

Walks on Ordinals and Their Characteristics. Book The analysis of the characteristics of walks on ordinals is a powerful new technique for building mathematical structures, developed by the author over the last twenty years. This is the first book-length exposition of this method. Particular emphasis is placed on applications which are presented in a unified and comprehensive manner and which stretch across several areas of mathematics such as set theory, combinatorics, general topology, functional analysis, and general algebra.

Pi: A Source Book

The intended audience for this book are graduate students and researchers working in these areas interested in mastering and applying these methods. Alfred Geroldinger. Additive combinatorics is a relatively recent term coined to comprehend the developments of the more classical additive number theory, mainly focussed on problems related to the addition of integers. Some classical problems like the Waring problem on the sum of k-th powers or the Goldbach conjecture are genuine examples of the original questions addressed in the area.

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One of the features of contemporary additive combinatorics is the interplay of a great variety of mathematical techniques, including combinatorics, harmonic analysis, convex geometry, graph theory, probability theory, algebraic geometry or ergodic theory.