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Pro Drupal 7 Development

About this product Product Information This book is geared toward professionals that need to deploy and customize Drupal. This book delves deep into the internals of the Drupal 7 system and teaches you everything you need to know to deploy a highly customized and optimized Drupal installation. Every web developer looking to deploy web sites quickly to their clients while still being able to harness the power of an excellent content management system needs this book. What yours"ll learn What Drupal is and why you should use it How to install a basic Drupal web site from scratch How to create content in your new Drupal web site How to manage users on your new Drupal web site How to change the look and feel of your new Drupal web site through themes How to install and configure modules Who this book is forThis book is for existing Drupal module developers wanting to learn about Drupal 7 and people already knowledgeable in PHP who are interested in developing for Drupal.

Simply put, if you are working with Drupal, then you need this book. Additional Product Features Number of Volumes. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all If last-year's Professional WordPress is the must-have book for WordPress developers, then Definitive is at least the equivalent for Drupal developers.

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Drupal 8 Full node content, user profiles, custom blocks, and more are all editable in-place as well. This will make publishing-work ow modules, like Workbench, much easier to implement in Drupal 8 and beyond. Even new features, such as in-place editing, are designed to work on the smallest of screens.

Drupal 7 Development Tutorials(Hindi/Urdu) - How to Creating A New Block in drupal 7 site

The new search box on the modules page adds to your Drupalon-mobile experience by saving you a lot of scrolling when you need to get to the settings for a particular module. Check out Module Filter for a similar experience in Drupal 7. Mobile-friendly Toolbar Drupal 8 sports a responsive administrative toolbar that automatically expands and orients itself horizontally on wide screens and collapses down to icons and orients itself vertically on smaller screens.

This API is also built into the Views module, so you can configure your own responsive admin screens. All core themes are now responsive and automatically reflow elements, such as menus and blocks, to fit well on mobile devices Images that show up large on a desktop shrink down to t on a tablet or smartphone, thanks to built-in support for responsive images. You can perform your entire site installation and setup in your language of choice.

When you install Drupal in any language other than English or later add a new language to your site , Drupal 8 automatically downloads the latest interface translations from localize. This works for right-to- left languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, too. If you select a language other than English on installation, the English option will no longer show in your site configuration unless explicitly turned on.

These four modules do everything and more than the roughly 30 contributed modules of a Drupal 7 site multilingual.

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It is the base module and is required by the other multilingual modules. Configuration Translation makes things like blocks, menus, views, and so on, translatable.

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Content Translation makes things such as nodes, taxonomy terms, and comments translatable. Language Selection Everywhere Everything from system configuration settings to site components, such as blocks, views, and menus, to individual eld values on content are translatable. The Views module, the most frequently used contributed module in Drupal, is now part of Drupal 8 core and is more tightly integrated into Drupal then ever before. Beyond providing a query-builder UI and serving up the results in a variety of formats for site visitors, baking Views into Drupal core allowed core developers to replace numerous previously hardcoded admin pages with Views listings.

Pro Drupal 7 Development by Todd Tomlinson

Everything you know and love from Views is included in Drupal 8 coreā€”and even a few extras such as mobile-friendly administration, some user experience and accessibility improvements, the ability to create responsive table listings, and the ability to turn any listing into a REST export that can be consumed by a mobile application or other external service.

First, just like with Views replacing admin pages, several previously hard-coded site components have been converted to blocks, including breadcrumbs, site name, and slogan. This makes it easier to adjust page organization in the user interface, and enables in-place editing, and makes for easier theming. A nice addition to Drupal 8 is the ability to re-use blocks. And finally, you can now create custom block types, just as you can create custom content types, to allow for granular control over different styling, different fields, and more.

Fields are everywhere Not only are there new fields, but you can now add fields in many more places. You can add fields to nodes, blocks, comments, contact forms, taxonomy terms and users. A render array is an associative array which conforms to the standards and data structures used in Drupal's Render API.

In many cases, the data used to build a page and all parts of it is kept as structured arrays until the final stage of generating a response. This provides enormous flexibility in extending, slightly altering or completely overriding parts of the page. Render arrays are nested and thus form a tree. It can help with overviews of administrative interfaces, introduce new terminology, and walk through the steps involved in configuring components of your site.

This makes the task much easier for search engines such as Google, Yahoo! On the back-end, Drupal 8 provides a variety of new Accessibility tools for JavaScript JS , which allow module developers to create accessible applications easily. With Twig, themers no longer need to understand the syntax differences between deeply-nested arrays and objects, nor when to use each.

Front-end Developer Improvements It hard codes the performance settings to o , which is extremely useful in a development environment. IE 6, 7, and 8 Another big improvement for front-end developers and designers is that Drupal 8 core has officially dropped support for IE 6, 7, and 8, enabling the use of jQuery 2. New Symfony based Routing System example.

In Drupal 7 and below, both content and configuration were saved to the database sometimes with a mix of both in the same table , making deploying configuration changes from one environment to another for example, development to production very tricky. In Drupal 8, all configuration changes both standard admin settings forms, such as site name, as well as any ConfigEntity including Views, user roles, and content types run through a unified Configuration API.

For performance, active configuration is stored in a config table in the database, though the storage location is swappable. Back-end Developer Improvements The basic work ow after making whatever configuration changes to your Drupal 8 site is: 1. Nonetheless, one welcome addition to Drupal 8 has been the introduction of UUIDs universally unique identifiers to every piece of content.

These UUIDs can be used to determine whether a piece of content from a source site exists on a given destination site. Deploy module for the Drupal 8 version provides this feature. If still on Drupal 7, you can get similar functionality to what core offers via the Universally Unique IDentifier module. Entities were a key new feature and concept in Drupal 7, abstracting the ability to add fields to other types of content than just nodes, such as users and taxonomy terms.

These enable Drupal 8 to produce and consume web services for the creation of Drupal- powered mobile applications, facilitate cross-site communication, and allow better integration with third-party resources.