See, Feel, Trace, Draw It

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If you increase the setting, they become black. However, this creates a much more complex shape, and having too many complex shapes in a document can cause Illustrator to run slowly. It can also make it harder to edit shapes efficiently. This separates the shapes in the image, making it possible to manually edit them.

Initially, when the paths are expanded, they are all grouped together. If you want to edit the shapes or add color to them, the easiest way is to Ungroup the paths. Creating enclosed space in your drawings will make editing easier.

How To Trace A Picture

This made it easier to apply colors to those shapes after the image was vectorized. To create enclosed spaces at the edges of your drawings, simply crop down your image so that the strokes run off the edge of the image. Use Photoshop to tweak a drawing before vectorizing it. You might need to do this if you made a mistake in your drawing and want to scrub an area out. Why not experiment with different drawing materials and the other settings available in the Image Trace panel? Feel free to share your creations with us on Twitter or Instagram :.

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Ever wanted to turn your hand-drawn artwork into scalable vector graphics? First, make some line art with pen and paper. Scan or photograph your artwork Use a flatbed scanner if you have access to one—they create the least distortion, because they keep the paper flat. Place the image file into your Illustrator document In your new Illustrator document, go to the File menu at the top of the screen, and select the Place command.

Find your image file, select it, and then click and drag to insert the file into your document. There are two other important settings to consider: Threshold: This determines where Illustrator sets the white point when it analyses the images. The Expand command can be found in the Options panel at the top of the Illustrator interface: 9.

Ungroup the shape Initially, when the paths are expanded, they are all grouped together.

Did you copy the source imagery?

Edit the shape Using the Move tool V , have a go at selecting individual paths. I ended up doing something awful with gradients: Bonus tips Creating enclosed space in your drawings will make editing easier. Thanks for reading! Enjoyed this article?

Don't Draw Trace!

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See, Feel, Trace, Draw It

Success Stories. How a mentor can help you master design faster Nov Changing Careers. Create the boundary of the inside rectangle to focus on the image which you are looking to trace and there are two circular points at the left bottom end and the right top end and they are the cropping points.

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So adjust to your picture to just see the only image which you want to trace. Select the plane which is parallel to the picture and click on sketch to enter into the sketcher mode.

See, Feel, Trace, Draw It

Click on the spline to activate. Draw the splines according to your requirement as per the image or picture as shown below. Exit from the sketcher mode by clicking on exit workbench icon.