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In addition, this paper shows how her stories moved audiences to engage with issues important to early twentieth century women and to imagine new roles for women. Soon, newspapers referred to Bisland as a great prospective writer. Despite their promise, little is known about Bisland after the race. The lone newspaper publishing in approached that election with neutral patriotism. An increase in newspapers brought competition, but the canvass generated relatively little controversy when compared to the explosive debate and active electioneering of However, the campaign was nearly as tame as Republic of Texas newspapers were political, and they had intense editorial rivalries.

Nonetheless, with their editorializing focused on individuals rather than party principles, Texas newspapers failed to galvanize into a true party press. Their independence from party influence and elevation of public welfare over loyalty to any faction further demonstrated that Texas editors did not bring an American style of press partisanship to their new republic.

Walker and the Independent Order of St. Luke: Racial Identity and Uplift in the St. Walker was the leader of a national fraternal organization, the Independent Order of St. Luke Herald. Established in as the official organ of the Order, the Herald quickly grew to become a voice for African Americans in Reconstruction.

The primary focus of this study is to plot the evolution of the Herald from a members-only news bulletin to a prominent black newspaper whose words were frequently reprinted in other newspapers as a critical representation of black thought on major racial issues of the period.

Striving for balanced reporting, accepting all advertisers, and seeking a broader circulation through soft news, for instance, it still expounded partisan politics. The most distinctive break from the frontier era is that the Press emphasized local news. It laid a foundation for financial independence by providing news the readers wanted.

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This study examines how mainstream press—both in the U. This study found several trends emerged. Some of the findings lend themselves to a better understanding of the bigger picture of wartime censorship and media routines, such as looking to place blame when major events tore at the fabric of society. Other findings show how story frames—whether originated by the media or sources—influenced how events were portrayed.

Approximately written-in questions were analyzed. One hundred questions represented , and questions represented Questions were analyzed using historical and narrative analysis to determine thematic changes representing the social climate of both time periods. Overall, both time periods had concern about both social customs and relationships; however, more specific themes greatly differed from the s to the s.

This paper analyzed the relationship between Ebony magazine and Blaxploitation films in the s and how the magazine depicted positive aspects of the films. Remember me.

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  1. The Last Lynching: How a Gruesome Mass Murder Rocked a Small Georgia Town.
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