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Chemistry with Spanish for Science Official course information Apply now. Lynn University Video. What is your full name? And some roles have maths and statistics at the epicentre of their duties and responsibilities… Relevant areas of finance: Accountancy Actuarial Financial Analysis Investment Banking Tax. Career test Have a question? This is a digital high five. We can help with that! Sign up now for the latest finance jobs, the freshest news and the very best advice. I don't like this as it doesn't test the students knowledge if the correct option isn't available.

The course covers basic Python to build and evaluate financial models.

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The course is easy to learn because the length of every video is on average 10 minutes. Although I did not put a lot of time practicing the exercises, I managed to pass the quiz at the end of every Week. Coursera will automatically set deadlines for you, so you should be motivated to finish the course on time. The professor's pace is a bit fast, perhaps this is an online course. This shouldn't be a problem because you can always replay the video again until you understand the concepts.

Course covers basic Python to build and evaluate financial models. The course help my so much to understand finance. Although I did not put a lot of time practicing the exercises, I managed to pass every questions i one week which is fast maybe but I could not wait finish,I was very excaited. This shouldn't be a problem because you can always replay the video again until you understand the concepts of learning. Great course. Best course to quickly know financial modeling application, required underlying statistics and Python.

Prof Wan has assembled the perfect trifecta in this introductory course. Some have suggested in their comments that it doesn't cover certain things in detail.

However, that is not the intent of this course. It is the perfectly assembled course to introduce the required concepts and provide just enough clarification to understand the trifecta in data science. Details can be found in other textbooks or Google search, etc. The lecture videos were very helpful to my studies. The teacher was able to convey the course materials in a clear and concise way. However, the course materials didn't fit my expectations.

I wanted to learn how to code in Python.

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Instead, this course focuses more on the business side. I only learned a few useful terms in Python. The course didn't really provide a platform for us student to learn how to code since the basics were not fully covered. Despite that, the materials were very useful and insightful.


One of the finest course in this field. I have already done 2 courses on Python and Statistics for Finance and this was the third one. Amongst the three this is easily the easiest to understand and best course for sure.

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I will look forward to course from this professor or university in the future. Week 3 and Week 4 from the course are like a gold mine for any learner. And the jupyter notebook exercises give just the required practice immediately after the concept is learned. It is a very good course to learn the basics in python to analyze financial stock market data.

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However, if you don't have prior knowledge to statistics and financial data variance, histograms, regressions, value at risk, hypothesis testing, But I guess most people who want to analyze stock data in python have this knowledge. There are some mistakes in both Juypter Notebook and Quizs and I think this course is not so practicle. I would recommend this course to add more practice part in coding for students. Cuz so far, I think I just got some proper nouns for python and financial analyse and have no idea of making analysis of stock prices indipendently.

Practical and very relevant for finance. Great tools that can be applied for some basic trading techniques. Can always expand more by introducing rolling techniques and more out of sample testing. Overall, one of the best courses on python for finance out there. Many thanks for putting it together. The course content and workbook exercises are good.

Statistics for Finance - CRC Press Book

The instructor is very knowledgeable. However the instructor's accent made it a bit difficult to understand, as I found myself scrolling down to look for script below the video and up again to follow the video and repeat many times. It is definitely a base-level course for someone who is new in both statistics and python.