The Soviet Military Experience: A History of the Soviet Army, 1917-1991 (Warfare and History)

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Some themes include geographic context immense, diverse, and multiethnic ; the challenges of central control; efforts to modernize and Westernize; and conflict with neighbors including Sweden, Poland, the German states, Austria, the Ottomans, and the British. When the Bolsheviks came to power in the early 20th century, they dealt with many of these old issues plus the challenge of creating a new sort of army appropriate to a Communist state. The Bolshevik regime was born in civil war, and the Soviet Union was at least partly destroyed by the burdens of war—from the terrible economic and human costs of the Great Patriotic War to the long-term drain of the arms races of the Cold War.

Both Russia and the Soviet Union can claim unique aspects of military experience, including the inclusion of women and large ethnic minorities.


This entry focuses on wars, military institutions, and human experience in war and the military. Stone is the essential resource for anyone looking for a starting point or a textbook or who has time to read only a single book about Russian and Soviet military history. Other works focus on large spans of time, such as Keep , the best source for understanding the origins and development of military forces and institutions in Russia over a year period.

Kagan and Higham is an outstanding survey of key aspects of the pre-Soviet period. Schimmelpenninck van der Oye and Menning addresses a range of military topics over a two-century span. Higham, Robin D. Kagan, eds. The Military History of the Soviet Union. New York: Palgrave, Unfortunately, there are no citations, but chapters include source listings or bibliographic essays. Kagan, Frederick W. Higham, eds.

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The Military History of Tsarist Russia. An essential collection of essays covering the entire tsarist period by Bruce Menning, Fred Kagan, Jacob Kipp, and others. Keep, John.

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Soldiers of the Tsar: Army and Society in Russia, — Oxford: Oxford University Press, A groundbreaking work that explains the development of a militaristic service state and examines the unique relationship among the military, the state, and society under the tsars. Traces the changes that occurred and provides insight into social aspects of military life in Russia. Reese, Roger R. London: Routledge, DOI: Especially useful on the relationship between socialism and the military. Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, David, and Bruce Menning, eds.

Four main topics are addressed: population and resources, intelligence and knowledge, response to war, and personalities. Sean McMeekin.

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Cry Havoc. Joseph Maiolo. Jochen Hellbeck.

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