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He was kind and funny and self-deprecating and unassuming, and wholly unexpected based on my reading of the play. But that performance made the story believable to me. Jude Sandy: Othello was my first Shakespeare encounter at age We were made to read it in fourth-form Catholic school English class in Trinidad and Tobago, where I was born and raised.

Our teacher demonstrated little appreciation for the text as live theater; therefore Othello and the rest of Shakespeare existed mostly as a heavy fog I had to fumble through — a real missed opportunity!

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I found it nasty, sexual, brutal, deeply sad, and surprisingly funny. Othello is a foreigner who has thrived in Venetian society by embracing codes of warrior conduct. He is nevertheless an outsider, a social aberration who is reminded at every turn of his otherness, with almost no one he can truly trust to guide him through Venetian ways of life beyond the martial order of the barracks. She goes against societal rules and the will of her father to marry a man she loves and believes in.

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That act of rebellion is often glossed over, and I think it is central to her story. Stephen: I am fascinated — and repelled — by how much Iago has to work, to keep the intensity of his hate burning as it does throughout the play. He unleashes a profound amount of evil, but only after a number of failures. And he modifies his reasoning as he goes along — adapting to the situations that present themselves.

I find that interesting and difficult to think about in our current climate — when there is such a rise in uncensored expressions of hatred. Sound familiar?

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  5. Jude: In a broad sense this play to me suggests most powerfully how a culture of violence inevitably turns against all humanity, even the very ones who propagate and wield it. Racism, misogyny, and other forms of othering are forces of violence, which in this play become agents of murderous destruction. No one wins and ultimately, no one is spared.

    Because of this violence, Venice loses its military champion, Othello, and Desdemona lose life and love.

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